Media Coverage

iMithila is widely recognised as the market leader brand in Madhubani Mithila Folk Art shipping hundreds of products every month. Please find below few media coverage about  iMithila - the Awarded Superbrand Startup which is creating Madhubani Masterpieces. 

1. Rural Marketing

  iMithila: Modernising Madhubani Paintings and Creating Livelihoods

2. Zepo Blog: iMithila – The Brand That’s Creating Madhubani Art Masterpieces

3. Hindustan Daily Paper

iMithila gets covered in India's Largest Selling Hindi Newspaper Daily- Hindustan

4. Patna Daily


5. Outlook Coverage: India's Leading Monthly Magazine 




7. BusinessWorld


8. The Telegraph


9. Flairtales Coverage

10. Cofounder Magazine, India's First Physical Magazine for Startup Covers iMithila

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